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Product Index by Model Numbers

E001 Multiregional Monitoring and Control System
E002 Monoregional Monitoring and Control System
E1401 Battery Charger- DISCONTINUED
E1402 Battery Charger- DISCONTINUED
E143 Current Source- DISCONTINUED
E145 Battery Charger- DISCONTINUED
E146 Battery Charger- DISCONTINUED
E147 Optimizing Battery Charger, 230VAC, 10A max, 100W simultaneous parallel load
E148 Solar, wind or wave Battery Charger, 12VDC, 10A max
E174 AC Power Converter- DISCONTINUED
E175 1000W Flasher- DISCONTINUED
E177 Diesel Generator Interface- DISCONTINUED
E179 Diesel Power Station- DISCONTINUED
E179.1 Autonomous Diesel Power Station- DISCONTINUED
E180 Diesel Generator with Remote Control- DISCONTINUED
E304 Universal Measurement Module
E316 Picoampermeter (replaces the Electrometer Amplifier ELV-1)
E390 Lampchanger- DISCONTINUED
E510  LED Optical 100mm Units for Traffic Signals
E520 LED Optical 200mm Units for Traffic Signals
E530 LED Optical Units for Railway Crossing Traffic Signals 
E58 LED Indicator Panels Family - 100mm rugged LED signals for demanding environment
E59 LED Obstruction Lights Family
E601 Lighthouse Control System- DISCONTINUED
E602 1000W Lighthouse Control System- DISCONTINUED
E603 Buoy Control System- DISCONTINUED
E741 Regional Control Centre 
E742 Mobile Control Centre- DISCONTINUED
E801, E802, E803, E804, 150mm LED-disc light sources family - DISCONTINUED
E807 Buoy lantern- DISCONTINUED
E821 Smart LED Buoy Light with GSM, GPS and 1 or 2 LED discs
E822 Smart LED Buoy Light with GSM, GPS and 1 or 2 LED discs
E825 Omnidirectional LED Lights with 1 to 5 LED discs
E8272 Simple Omnidirectional LED Lights
E831 Lantern-Flasher - DISCONTINUED
E85 LED Range Lanterns Family
E8511 and E8512 LED Range Lights
E855 LED Range Light - up to 11000cd
E8551 LED Range Light
E8552 LED Range Light - high intensity, up to 14nm nighttime visibility
E8553 LED Range Light - high intensity narrow beam (3 deg), up to 32 000 cd
E8591 LED Sector Range Light - high intensity narrow beams (1.5 deg per colour), 2000 cd typical, angular resolution 2 minutes or better
E863 Flasher
E864 Disc-Flasher- DISCONTINUED
E891 LED Stripe Lanterns Family
E924 Communication Controller with GPS support
E925 Communication Controller with GPS support
E931 GPS Locator
E932 Time Adjustment Set
E933 Time adjustment set
E951 Telematics Field Controller - TELFICON I- DISCONTINUED
A-BUS Proprietary Local Area Network protocol
Lanserv Plus Maintenance Software for programmable ekta™ products (Flashers, Communication Modules, etc)
TLM-1 Selective Level Meter- DISCONTINUED

Please note that we have decided to discontinue a large selection of outdated products this year. Support and spares to the fielded systems will be provided according to maintenance contracts.

We invite you to download the following PDF catalogues:

       ekta™  Marine Lanterns Catalogue is now available for download (8.07MB PDF file)
       ekta™  Control Systems Catalogue (3.68MB PDF file)
       ekta™  Power Units Catalogue (5.35MB PDF file)
       ekta™  Flashers and Communication Products Catalogue (502kB PDF file)
       ekta™  GPS Locators and Timers Catalogue (3.41MB PDF file)

If you need more information, including the information on prices and availability of our products, please do not hesitate to contact our marketing group. We may be able to offer product customization and design services to accommodate your unique requirements.

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