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AtoN System Maintenance Software Lanserv Plus

Many parameters and features of the microprocessor controlled ekta™ devices can be configured during installation and/or maintenance of the systems at an AtoN site. A personal computer equipped with dedicated maintenance software called Lanserv Plus is needed for the access to programmable features of such devices.  Lanserv Plus can be used on any PC-compatible computer running the operating system MS Windows 95, 98 or XP.


Main initial set-up of devices
  • local LAN addresses
  • flashing characters
  • normal, warning and emergency voltage levels of power supplies
  • photo sensor switching levels
  • nominal voltage level of lamps or LEDs
  • dial-up phone numbers 
  • lampchanger settings
  • time schedule of communication with the control and monitoring centre
  • synchronizing parameters of leading lights

Servicing the working system
  • scanning the devices connected to the local area network of the system in order to check the system integrity
  • reading back and checking the initial settings of devices
  • changing the settings of devices when necessary
  • reading status information of devices
  • reading and analyzing error logs of devices
  • reading operational statistics

Screenshot of system scan results


System requirements a PC-compatible computer (desktop or laptop) with:
at least 16 MB of RAM 
ports: 1 serial port, 1 parallel port
at least   20 MB of free disk space
operating system MS Windows95, 98, or XP
Supported devices 1. Devices of the systems: E601, E603:
       - flashers: E82061, E862, E863, E864; 
       - communication controllers: E9202, E923, E924, E925, E926;
       - GPS controllers: E931, E934;
       - measurement modules E304, E304.1;
       - power supplies E147, E148;
2. Devices of the system E602:
       - flasher: E175; 
       - AC/AD converter E174;
       - Diesel generator controller E177;
       - International lantern TRB-400 (Tideland).
3. Smart AtoN Lanterns: any model equipped with ekta™ programmable flasher.
Interfacing the PC to the devices  Systems E601, E603: using a LAN adapter type E814 or E815 (RS485); 
System E602: using LAN converter type E401 (Echelon). 
Any others: using using a LAN adapter type E8152 (USB).
Security provided by user names and passwords to be entered on program entry
Connecting the maintenance computer with the devices. NOTE: The new LAN Adapter E8152 connects directly to an USB port of the maintenance computer.

Communication within the AtoN Local Area Network proceeds using the A-BUS - a proprietary LAN protocol for buoy and lighthouse systems

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