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LED Products for Light Signalling and Traffic Control

When creating a new design, our primary concerns are to guarantee high reliability and long service life of the product. While solid state light sources are currently the ultimate requirement for safety-related light signalling applications with long-term dependability requirements, maintenance cost reduction and low power consumption are beneficial to each and every visual light signalling application. We are proud of customer loyalty earned over the decades of supplying products that have demonstrated dependability even in harsh operating environments.

ProductShort Description
E530X LED Railway Crossing Warning Light Units 300mm LED modules for universal 12V (DC or AC) operation, intended for application as railway crossing warning lights
E540X LED Railway Traffic Light Units LED modules for universal 12V (DC or AC) operation, intended for railway traffic control in legacy OSShD systems
E58XX LED Indicator PanelsUniversal rugged 100mm LED lights on flat Aluminium base; in 4, 3, 2, or 1 light aspect configuration for various industrial signalling applications including port crane and container spreader safety indicator lights
E59X LED Obstruction LightsReliable maintenance-free red LED markers (aviation warning lights) for telecom masts, smokestacks, and other high-rise structures; green colour option is available for heliports

If you need more information, including the information on prices and availability of our products, please do not hesitate to contact our marketing group. We may be able to offer product customization and design services to accommodate your unique requirements.

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