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Time adjustment sets E932 and E933

We regret to inform you that this product is DISCONTINUED; please find our current products here

The purpose of the time adjustment sets is to correct the internal software clock of  personal computers running the operating system MS Windows  by the signals of Global Positioning System (GPS). The accurate time of a personal computer is needed when time measuring or exact synchronization tasks are performed.

UTC (Universal Coordinated Time) signals, received by the GPS receiver will be forwarded into the computer.
These time values are valid for Zero Latitude, and therefore, they must be corrected, taking into account the local time
difference, depending on the Time Zone of the given location.


Timer E932
Timer E933
Components of the 
Cable extension  - optional 
Mast (2m)
Power supply interface 932.C00
Overvoltage protection unit  - optional
Program package SÜNKRO.EXE
GPS receiver with 30m cable and  plug D9FM or D25FM
Mast (2m)
Power supply interface 932.C00 
Overvoltage protection unit  - optional
Program package METRO.EXE
Operating system MS Windows NT 4.0 or MS Windows 95/98  MS Windows 3.1. or MS Windows 95
Precision of the time adjustment  ±1s, when the synchronization period is from 1 up to 200 minutes  ±0,2s when the synchronization period is from 1 up to 200 minutes
Ambient air temperature from -30°C up to +60°C   from -30°C up to +60°C 

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