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Communication Controller E925 with GPS support

We regret to inform you that this product is DISCONTINUED; please find our current products here

The  new Eurocard version of  the Communication Controller E925 offers in addition  GPS receiver
support and mobile phone Short Message Service (SMS) support.

Basic Features

  • Communication between a light and  the regional monitoring and control centre. Communication over  the LANof a light with up to 21 nodes
  • Regular polling of the LAN nodes (other equipment units of a light ) in every 15 minutes
  • Programmable time scheduling of regular  communication sessions  and immediate sending of the emergency messages to the control centre
  • Responding to the commands and inquiries from  the regional  monitoring and control centre
  • Measurement and recording of  5 analogue input signals in every 15 minutes, the last 256 records are accessible. Checking  of contact sensors (tampering, fire, ect.)  and  sending  of  the emergency messages to the control and monitoring centre
  • Recording of statistical data about the quality, time and  results of last 32 communication sessions
  • Programmable scheduling of mobile phone standby mode in order to save energy

GPS features

  • Reception and periodical recording of the GPS signals with the period  specified by the user.
  • Adjusting of the built-in clock/calendar  based on the  GPS signals and sending of the time adjustment signals to the other nodes of a light.

Short Message Service (SMS) features

  • Sending of the SMS emergency messages to the user-specified mobile phone, in case of receiving the emergency signals from the inputs AN4 and/or AN5
  • Responding with SMS messages  describing  the current state   of a light to  received SMS inquiries
  • Execution of commands issued by servicing personnel   in the form of  SMS messages  or forwarding them to otherunits  within a light (e.g. switching ON/OFF of  a light at daytime)
  • Sending of the synchronizing SMS messages   to the user-determined mobile phone (a communication controllerof another light)
Input voltages 9 ... 20V DC, optionally up to 29V
External contact sensors voltage 5V,  output resistance of voltage source 1kW
Current consumption 
   in standby
   in alert mode
   in communication mode
   current of GPS receive

1.5mA (GSM receiver OFF)
50mA max (GSM receiver ON)
250mA max ( GSM transceiver ON)
Deviation of coordinates
with 95% probability
±100m "with selective availability activated"
Communication media GSM-900 mobile telephone network
Minimum GSM input signal level  -70dBm (input 70.7mV on 50W  load
Power of GSM transmitter 2W max.
Communication data rate 9600bps with GSM and LAN, 4800bps with GPS receiver
Local area network (LAN) RS485 based,  maximal length 1.2km
Voltage range on 5 analogue measurement inputs  0 ... 5V, 8 bit resolution 
Inputs, outputs GSM antenna, GSM    handset, RS485 , 2xRS232 (one for GPS receiver), 5 analogue measurement inputs, contact sensors
Temperature range  from -20°C to +55°C* (IEC 60068-2-12,14)
Relative humidity  up to 98% at temperature +35°C (IEC 60068-2-3)
Dimensions Eurocard 100mm x 170mm
Weight 0.3kg
                        *) the temperature  range can be optionally extended
Layout and dimensions of the communication controller E925 - Eurocard form factor design

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