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Communication Controller E924

We regret to inform you that this product is DISCONTINUED; please find our current products here

Designed to provide a highly reliable outstation subsystem, the unit has been engineered using the latest surface mount and microcontroller technologies to provide a compact, programmable device incorporating several new features. The E924 performs necessary GSM communication between an outstation (a lighthouse, or a buoy system) and the monitoring and control centre to report pre-programmed events, measurement values, warnings, error conditions, etc. It is capable of communicating with the equipment within outstation local area network (LAN) to obtain the above values, and to perform timing control as necessary.
  • Communication with the computer of the control centre via GSM-900 mobile telephone network

  • Communication with up to 23 nodes connected to the LAN

  • Regular polling of LAN nodes (other units of lighthouse or buoy equipment) in every 15 minutes

  • Regular communication sessions in accordance with the pre-programmed time schedule

  • Immediate transfer of emergency messages to the control centre

  • Responding to remote commands and inquiries of the regional control centre

  • Adjusting of the built-in clock/calendar and the clocks of other nodes based on the signals received from the control centre

  • Periodical measurement and recording of 5 analogue input signals in every 15 minutes.The results of last 256 measurements are always available

  • Continuous checking of contact sensors (tampering, fire, etc.) and sending of the emergency messages to the control centre when necessary

  • Logging of the statistical data about the quality of the communication sessions, and the times of the last 32 communication sessions

  • Low-power standby mode of mobile phone between the communication sessions in order to spare energy

  • Rugged nitrogen-filled aluminium enclosure



Input voltages 9 - 12V DC, optionally up to 28V
External sensors voltage 5V, output resistance of voltage source 1kW
Current consumption:
- in standby mode
- in alert mode
- in communication mode

1.5mA (GSM receiver OFF)
 50mA max (GSM receiver ON)
250mA max (GSM transceiver ON)
Communication media GSM-900 mobile telephone network
Minimal GSM input level -70dBm (70,7mV on 50W load)
Power of the GSM transmitter  2W
Communication data rate  9600bps
Local area network (LAN)  RS485 interface, 9600bps, maximum length 1.2km
Stability of built-in clock 100ppm (without GPS correction)
Voltage range on 5 analogue measurement inputs 0 - 5V, 8 bit resolution
Temperature range -20C to +55C* (IEC 60068-2-1,2,14)
Relative humidity max 98% at +35C* (IEC 60068-2-3)
Dimensions of controller 70x210x183mm
Weight: 2.4kg
                  *) the temperature range can be optionally extended

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