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LED Stripe Lanterns Family E891

We regret to inform you that this product is DISCONTINUED; please find our current products here

Stripe Lanterns family E891 utilize highly efficient LED technology to provide stripe shaped light pattern for long-term operation in land-based visual aids to navigation systems. The LEDs of the lantern are housed within a hermetically sealed acryllic tube. The E891 lanterns can be delivered in three versions with red, green, or white light colour.  The normal position of the lanterns is vertical, fixed on a horizontal base plate. When using the E891 units in other positions, the top of the lanterns must also be fixed with ±2 mm free space in order to avoid thermal stress to the tube.

Prohibiting TTL level remote control signal can be used for switching the E891 lanterns OFF, and modulating the light output, if needed. With no control signal present and the control input is shorted to ground, the E891 is switched on as soon as the DC power is supplied.

Proper operation of the lanterns can be monitored using the diagnostic signal output (analog DC voltage with level corresponding to failed LED components).


    Parameter Minimum Nominal Maximum
    Stripe lantern E8911, red
       light intensity
       horizontal divergence 2θ1/2

    12 cd
    Stripe lantern E8913, green
       light intensity
       horizontal divergence 2θ1/2

    12 cd
    Stripe lantern E89114, white
       light intensity
       horizontal divergence 2θ1/2

    166 cd
    DC supply voltage range 10 V 12 V 16 V
    Current consumption 340 mA 360 mA 380 mA
    Control signal voltage on 
    input 2 when switching ON
    0 V   3 V
    Control signal voltage on 
    input 2 when switching OFF
    4 V   5 V
    Voltage on the diagnostics output in normal operation   1 V  
    Output resistance of the diagnostics signal 99 kΩ 100 kΩ 100 kΩ
    Weight 920 g 960 g 1000 g
    Height 720 mm
    Diameter 61 mm
    Temperature of ambient air from -30°C up to +55°C (IEC 60068-2-1,
    IEC 60068-2-2, IEC 60068-2-14)
    Relative humidity at temperature +35C  up to 98% (IEC 60068-2-3)
    Operation in conditions of salty sea fog allowed (IEC 60068-2-6)
    Ingress protection IP67

Layout and dimensions of the Range lantern E891

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