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Flasher E862

Designed to provide highly reliable subsystem, the Flasher E862 uses the latest surface mount and microcontroller technology to provide a compact, Eurocard device incorporating several new features needed for remote monitoring and control. Functionally it is fully compatible with the flasher E863.

E862 flasher units can be used for switching both filament lamp or LED lanterns, and for sending of diagnostic and emergency messages via local area network (LAN). The flasher utilises Pulse With Modulation to achieve a very high degree of regulation of the effective voltage of the lantern.

The E862 flasher provides the user with a convinient setting up using a service computer device that may be used in both stand alone and system applications. Special care has been taken to minimise the power consumption in the idle state which is essential when using the flasher in primary battery powered buoys. In case of application in hard environmental conditions, the E862 flasher must be put into a hermetic enclosure.


  • Programmable automatic control of flashing
  • Daylight-dependent switching ON and OFF of the flashing mode by a photosensor and sending the actual switching time messages to the monitoring and control centre
  • Precision effective voltage regulated filament output
  • Lampchanger or twin filament or LED-lantern operation
  • Autosynchronisation by internal clock/calendar to be adjusted either by a GPS receiver, or by any other flasher within the control and monitoring system
  • Built-in monitoring and control LAN interface for the communication with other units
  • Sending diagnostic and emergency messages to the monitoring and control centre via LAN and the communication controller
  • Simple setting up and programming using a service computer
 Input voltages 8 ... 30V DC
Nominal voltage of the lamp 10.30V rms 
Output power 2 ... 100W
Current consumption
in sleep mode
in the pause of flash
in flash

Flash lenght any multiples of 10ms up to 60.01s
Period time any multiples of 20ms up to 655.35s 
Character changing setting by service computer
Character stability -20ppm - 6.67ms
Stability of built-in watch 20ppm (without GPS correction)
Daylight control delayed switching by external photosensor, delay programmable by service computer.
Sending switching time messages to the center
Inputs RS485, photosensor, control input of reserve units,
voltage measurements
Outputs two stage filament with automatic changeover to standby filament, RS485, control output of reserve units
Ambient air temperature  from -30C to +55C* (IEC 6006-2-1, 2, 14)
Relative humidity up to  90% at temperature +35C (IEC 60068-2-11)
Dimensions Eurocard 100x160x17mm
Weight  0.2kg
               *) the temperature range can be optinally extended
Layout and dimensions of the Flasher 862

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