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LED Range Lantern E855

We regret to inform you that this product is DISCONTINUED; please find our current products here

The Range Lantern E855 utilizes efficient LED technology to provide narrow high intensity light beam guaranteeing the visibility range of up to 15 nautical miles at nighttime. The lantern consits of a light unit and of a marine grade aluminium enclosure. The light unit consists of a transparent polycarbonate front cover and of anodized back cover which is used also for dissipation of the heat.

On  the site of installation the lantern will be fixed by a hot zinc coated base plate. The direction of the light beam around  horizontal axis is adjustable by rotation of the case with the light unit. Around vertical axis the direction of the light beam is adjustable by deflection of the light unit.


  • designed using revolutionary, energy efficient and ultra compact Luxeon™ Star solid state light sources, combining the lifetime and reliability advantages of Light Emitting Diodes
  • high intensity (up to 11,000 cd) narrow light beam, adjustable around vertical and horizontal axes
  • external control of flashing using a flasher of any available type
  • the light unit consists of two groups of LEDS with autonomous power supply and control. This allows to:

  •      use one group of LEDs as a standby (secondary) lantern;
         operate at only half light intensity when necessary;
         improve the reliability of the lantern – when one group becomes faulty, another one will continue to operate.

New versions of the lantern are cureently under the development,featuring GSM communication controller and GPS receiver, allowing to integrate the lantern into remote monitoring and control system. and to synchronize the flashing of a group of lanterns by the GPS time signals.

Note: STARTM  is a registered trade mark  of Lumileds Lighting, LLC 


Parameter Minimum Typical  Maximum
Wavelength of red light* 612 nm 625 nm 645 nm
Light intensity 7500 cd 9000 cd  11 000 cd
Horizontal divergence, 2 θ½  10 degrees
Horizontal divergence , 2  θ1/10  22 degrees 
Vertical divergence, 2  θ½  10 degrees 
Voltage range   from 10 up to 30 V DC
Power consumption in flash  24 W
Ambient air temperature  from -30°C upto +55°C (IEC 60068-2-1, IEC 6068-2-2, IEC 60068-2-14)
Relative humidity  up to 98% at temperature +30°C (IEC 60068-2-3)
Operation in conditions of salty sea fog  allowed (IEC 60068-2-11)
Mechanical vibraton  10 – 500 Hz with acceleration up to 2.2 g (IEC 60068-2-6)
Allowed wind speed  up to 140 km/h
Ingress protection  IP 67 (IEC 60529)
                    *)  The wavelength of white, green, blue, and yellow lanterns will be harmonized with the customer
Layout and dimensions of the Pange Lantern E855

Layout and dimensions of the Range lantern E855

CAUTION: LED light units are sources of bright light, do not stare directly into the beam from close distances and observe all the warnings and guidelines in the Instruction Manual. ektaTM E855 LED Range Lghts are classified as Class 3R LED devices with maximum optical power of 300mW (emitted wavelenghts 400 to 700 nm) according to the standard IEC 60825-1:1993+A1:1997+A2:2001.

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