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LED Range Lanterns Family E85

We regret to inform you that this product is DISCONTINUED; please find our current products here

The E85 Range Lanterns utilize LED technology to provide narrow high intensity light beam, controlled by a built-in flasher. They consist of marine grade aluminium case, hot zinc coated base plate and polycarbonate light unit housing for the  LED matrix, flasher unit and power supply. The light unit is protected to IP67 and is furnished with  a silica  gel humidity absorber package.  The lights can be installed on site  without any additio-nal cupola. The direction of the light beam is adjustable 12 degrees around both vertical and horizontal axes using a detachable  sight.

  • high intensity (up to 1000cd) narrow light beam, adjustable around vertical and horizontal axes
  • programmable automatic control of flashing
  • daylight-dependent control of the flashing mode by an internal photosensor
  • readiness for connection to  RS-485 local area net-work (optionally RS-232 interface is available)
  • readiness for optional onboard  GSM communication controller and/or  GPS receiver modules. The  GSM and GPS antennas can be mounted on top of the light enclosure


Power consumption 6W
Voltage range  9V18V DC
Built-in flasher  programmable by the customer
Flash length (programmable) any multiples of 10ms, up to 60.01s
Period time (programmable) any multiples of 20ms, up to 655,5s
Vertical divergence, 2  6
Horizontal divergence, 2  6
Light intensity 1000cd, (flashing duty cycle < 0.6)
500cd, (flashing duty cycle > 0.6)
Ambient air temperature from -30C to +55C (IEC 60068-2-1,2,14)
Relative humidity  up to 98% at temperature +35C (IEC-60068-2-3)
Mechanical vibration  10 - 500Hz with acceleration up to 2.2g (IEC 60068-2-6)
Ingress protection IP67
Dimensions 154x248x250mm
Weight  4.2kg

Layout and dimensions of the Range lantern E851

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