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LED Beacon E836

We regret to inform you that this product is DISCONTINUED; please find our current products here

The E85 The beacon E836 is a LED-based signal lantern with built in flasher for using in moorings and other fixed lights. The visibility range of a lantern consisting of one LED-disc light source is 3 NM, however, it can be enhanced adding one or several LED-discs into the lantern

General benefits of using LED-lanterns

  • Long lifetime (up to ten years). This makes the maintenance costs of LED-lanterns, in comparison with traditional light bulbs,  much lower because there will be no need in frequent and expensive maintenance trips to lights only for the purpose of changing of failed bulbs.
  • Significantly lower power consumption (up to 1.5 times)  due to higher efficiency of LEDs. This is very useful when using them in primary battery powered sea buoys, as well as in case of lighthouses and beacons powered by solar or wind energy.
  • No need for colour filters and additional optics. The color of the light of LEDs is determined by the physical properties of  light-emitting semiconductor crystals used in them, i.e. by the type of LEDs. Therefore, no additional colour filter is needed which would cause some loss of light intensity.
  • programmable automatic control of flashing
  • daylight switching ON and OFF of flashing by the external photosensor 
  • synchronization of flashing with other lightsrelatively high intensity of the radiated light - from 10 to 30cd per disc
  • wide range of power supply voltage - from 6V to 20V
  • optional enlarging of power by an external resistor
  • optional choice of vertical divergence

Depending on the power supply voltage, light intensity and alignment of colors, there are several versions
of  indicator panels available. The list of versions of indicator panels is  given in the table below.


Main components  15 LED-disc light sources, flasher E864, case, lantern cover* 
Input voltages 10V ...20V DC
Power consumption of 1 disc  23.3W
Flash length (programmable)  any multiples of 10ms, up to 60.01s
Period time (programmable)  any multiples of 20ms, up to 655.5s
Light sources  150mm LED-discs E801...E804
Vertical divergence >25 at the level of 0.5Imax  ; >50 at the level of 0.1Imax
>60 at the level 0.5cd
Ambient temperature -30C to +55C** (IEC 60068-2-1,2,14)
Relative humidity max 98% at temperature +35C (IEC 60068-2-3)
Dimensions  see the drawing below
Weight (average)  5.8kg
*) customer specified
**) the temperature  range can be optionally extended

Range Table*
Red E801 
Yellow E802 
Green E803 
White E804
Number of LED-discs
Light intensity 
Range NM
 Light intensity 
Range NM
Light intensity 
Range NM 
Light intensity
 Range NM
1 10 (15) 2.6 (3.0) 10 (15) 2.6 (3.0) 15 (20) 3.0 (3.3) 10 (15)  2.6 (3.0)
2 20 (30) 3.3 (3.8) 20 (30) 3.3 (3.8)  30 (40) 3.8 (4.1) 20 (30)  3.3 (3.8)
3 30 (45) 3.8 (4.2) 30 (45) 3.8 (4.2) 45 (60) 3.3 (4.6) 30 (45)  3.8 (4.2)
40 (60)  4.1 (4.6) 40 (60) 4.1 (4.6) 60 (80) 4.6 (4.7) 40 (60) 4.1 (4.6)
5 50 (75) 4.4 (4.7) 50 (75) 4.4 (4.7) 75 (100) 4.7 (4.9) 50 (75) 4.4 (4.7)
1 disc with a lens
1 disc with a lens 
1 disc with a lens
 1 disc with a lens
20 (30)cd 
20 (30)cd
 25 (35)cd 
20 (30)cd
Vert. div.**
>8 (typ)
>8  (typ)
>8  (typ)
>8 (typ)
*) at the atmospheric transparency 0.74
**) at the level of 0,5Imax
(x) - optionally enlarged power

Layout and dimensions of the Beacon E836

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