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Omnidirectional LED Lanters E8272

The lanterns of the product family E8272 (hereafter, Lanterns) utilize high-efficient LED technology to provide high intensity omnidirectional light beam for application in shore-based navigational lights and are designed for long term operation in harsh environmental conditions. A typical E8272 Lantern consists of a controllable power supply for LEDs, a light sensor, and an overvoltage protection circuit. Light operation is controlled either by optional built-in flasher, or by an external flasher. The Lanterns are typically supplied with adjustable mounting feet for levelling, and a hard-wired power and control cable of 5 m length. Optionally, the Lanterns can be supplied with power supply receptacle instead of a hard-wired cable. The Lanterns can be delivered in several configurations with varying light colour, intensity, and optional robust factory-configured built-in flasher.

  • Designed using  the energy efficient and ultra-compact Luxeon STAR™ solid state light sources, combining the lifetime and reliability advantages of Light Emitting Diodes
  • Low power consumption makes the Lanterns E8272 particularly suitable for AtoN sites powered by solar panels
  • Control of flashing using either a built-in flasher, or an external flasher
  •  Optional power supply configuration for 230 VAC
  •  Custom stock heights are available for ordering
  •  Optionally, lanterns E8272 can be  delivered with sectored light beam configuration

Note: STAR™ is a registered trademark of Lumileds Lighting LLC


Please consult the E8272 datasheet (in Adobe pdf format) for more detailed information.

E8272 layout and dimensions

Figure 1. Layout and dimensions of the Omnidirectional Lantern E8272.B-HL (with optional connector)

NOTE: Optionally, lantern dimensions can be specified at the time of ordering. The lantern bottom plates are available with diameters of 60mm, 80mm, 100mm, and 150mm, whereas optional mounting hole configurations can be specified according to application requirements. Size of the fastening screws is to be specified by the customer.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information and price quiotations. We may also be able to offer product customization and design services to accommodate your unique requirements.

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