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LED Range Lights E8271

Range Lights E8271 utilize highly efficient LED technology to provide narrow light beam in horizontal plane for application in range lights. The light consists of an aluminium pedestal for mounting, a pipe-formed support/enclosure, a signal head module for electronic circuitry, and a plastic hood. The E8271 is a cost-efficient visual signalling solution intended for reliable long-term operation in field conditions.

The 8271 Range Lights are currently available in one of the four colors: red, green, blue, or white, and in one of the three light beam configurations with two options:
       - high light intensity and narrow horizontal divergence;
       - lower light intensity and wider horizontal divergence;
       - lower light intensity and extra wide horizontal divergence;
       - optional built-in solid state flasher;
       - optional hard-wired power supply cable connection.

  • designed using  revolutionary, energy efficient and ultra compact Luxeon STARTM  solid state light sources, combining the lifetime and reliability advantages of Light Emitting Diodes
  • compact design and small dimensions make the Lanterns E8271 particularly suitable in many locations
  • external control of flashing using a flasher  of any available type
  •  new versions of the lights featuring a built-in flasher and a light sensor are currently under the develöpment

Note: STARTM  is  a registered trademark of Lumileds Lighting LLC

Picture of E8271



Dominant wavelength of  red light      612 nm     
    625 nm    
   645 nm   

Dominant wavelength of  green light

490 nm 505 nm 520 nm
Dominant wavelength of  blue  light 440 nm 455 nm 460 nm
Radiation temperature of white light 4500 ºK 5500 ºK 8000 ºK
Lanterns  E8271.X: horizontal divergence  1/2 = 10°, vertical divergence 2Θ1/2 = 10°
Light intensity  of  red light 400 cd

Light intensity of  green light 400 cd

Light intensity  of  blue light 80 cd

Light intensity  of white light

200 cd

Lanterns E8271.X - H:  horisontal divergence 2Θ1/2 = 30°, vertical divergence 2Θ1/2 = 30°
Light intensity of red light 70 cd

Light intensity of green light 70 cd

Light intensity of blue light 15 cd

Light intensity of white light
70 cd

Lights  E8271.X-W:  horisontal divergence 2Θ1/2 = 45°, vertical divergence 2Θ1/2 = 10°
Light intensity of red light 100 cd

Light intensity of green light 100 cd

Light intensity of blue light 20 cd

Light intensity of white light
100 cd

Power supply and environmental conditions
Dc power supply voltage
from 9 V up to 30 V
Power consumption in flash -< 1.8 W
Operational ambient air temperature      
from -30°C up to +55°C (IEC 60068-2-1, IEC 60068-2-2)

Relative humidity

up to 95% at temperature +30°C (IEC 60068-2-3)
Operation in conditions of salty sea fog
allowed  (IEC 60068-2-1)
Mechanical vibration 10 - 500 Hz with acceleration up to 2,2 g (IEC 60068-2-6)
Allowed wind speed         
up to  180 km/h
Ingress protection  
IP 68  (IEC 60529);


Layout and dimensions of E8271

Layout and dimensions of the LED Range Light E8271

CAUTION: LED light units are sources of bright light, do not stare directly into the beam from close distances and observe all the warnings and guidelines in the Instruction Manual. ektaTM E8271 LED Range Lights are classified as Class 2M LED devices with maximum optical power of 40 mW (emitted wavelengths 400 to 700 nm) according to the standardIEC 60825-1:1993+A1:1997+A2:2001.

Download the E8271 catalogue page in Adobe pdf format

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