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Mobile Control and Monitoring Centre E742

We regret to inform you that this product is DISCONTINUED; please find our current products here

Mobile Control Centre E742 is a portable work station for the field installation (configuration) and maintenance of the remote monitoring and control systems for lighthouses, beacons, and buoys built using ekta™ units. Heart of the E742 is our Control and Monitoring Software, whih is installed on a notebook computer equipped with a suitable communication module, typically, a PC-Card GSM modem.

The E742 allows to configure and monitor the equipment units over two different communication networks. Over the cellular telephone network, all subscribers of the cellular or public switched telephone networks are accessible, and over the RS485 based field network it connects to the local area network (LAN) of an outstation (light system), allowing to set up and re-configure the units connected to LAN as necessary.


Operations over the cellular telephone network:
  • authorized data exchange with any outstation (light system) integrated into the remote monitoring and control system, regardless of their physical location and assignement to a regional centre. This allows:
                to monitor the operation of a light system, the status of the control equipment and energy resources;
                to perform the remote modification of the parameters of a light (flashing pattern, etc).
  • data exchange with a regional control centre, e.g. viewing of daily reports
  • establishing temporary regional control centres for the purposes of system installation and testing
Operations over the RS485-based field network:
  • connecting to the local area network of an outstation (lighthouse, beacon, or buoy system)
  • installation of the control system and setting up the parameters of equipment units connected to LAN
  • testing the system operation and retrieving the actual status information of the equipment units and energy resources during maintenance sessions


 Hardware A notebook computer running Microsoft Windows NT/2000/XP, preferably a ruggedised industrial model; can be supplied by the customer if approved by Cybernetica engineers
A suitable GSM modem
An RS485 field network adapter (E815)
Mobile phone network Data rate 9600bps, authorized access to all lights in
the remote monitoring and control system, phone
communication sessions with any subscriber of the mobile or
public switched telephone network 
Field network Interface RS485, data rate 9.6kbps, number of nodes
up to 24, length of twisted pair line up to 1.2km
Software REGIONAL CENTRE - the remote monitoring and
control software of aids to navigation
FRONTEND - Communication software
LANSERV PLUS - Maintenance software
Enviromental operating conditions Dictated by the host computer
Dimensions Depend on the host computer

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