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Regional Control Centre E741

We regret to inform you that this product is DISCONTINUED; please find our current products here

Regional Control Centre E741 is a set of computer software and hardware which is constituting the working environment of a regional maintenance centre. The main task of the regional centres is to keep the personnel of the maintenace (service) centre informed about the actual state of the lights, and to inform the vessel traffic services about all abnormalities and failures in the operation of monitored aids to navigation.

Connecting the Regional Centre with the lights


  • Monitoring and control of all outstations (lights) within a service region
  • Fully automated operation - no need for operator attendance
  • Reception, processing and recording of emergency messages
  • Receiving of messages about the times of daily switching ON and OFF events of the lights controlled by the photosensor
  • Sending to the main control and monitoring centre of:
    emergency messages
    times of daily switching ON and OFF events of the lights
    reports of the actual state of the lights
    daily summaries of the region
    changes in the specification of the lights
  • Management of the maintenance of lights
  • Receiving from the main control and monitoring centre messages about the changes of the characteristics of lights
  • Sending information inquiries and commands to the outstations (lights)
  • Recording in the data base of:
    emergency messages
    actual states of equipment units connected to the outstation LANs
    configuration data of the outstations (lights)
    communication schedules of the outstations (lights)
  • based on  data recorded in the data base it is possible to analyze the functional efficiency (reliability) of the lights
  • Receiving and storing of data of optional telemetry equipment if such equipment is installed at the outstations
  • Additionally, it is possibile to monitor third party equipment units, integrated into the system
 Computer Pentium Celeron A or B >300MHz
Hard disk >3.2GB, RAM >64MB, floppy drive 1.44MB
Two COM ports, one parallel port (on the motherboard) and one USB port
Mouse PS/2, 2xPCI
Operating System - Windows NT 4.0 or Win2000
Monitor 17”
Back-up storage CD-writer/reader HP Surestore CD-Writer 8 1001
Local area network Ethernet card on PCI bus
Ethernet local area network with lightning protection
Fax Internal faxmodem on ISA or PCI bus (if needed)
Additional ports Additional card with two COM ports on ISA bus
RAS communication Internal US Robotics modem on PCI bus
I/O channels Additional I/O card with 2 COM ports on PCI bus
External phone line External phone grid modem US Robotics Courier
or external GSM-900 terminal (modem)
Timer Timer E932 (EKTA)
GSM terminal GSM-900 terminal with the antenna XCL 900-6LW/h
Laser printer Any type, also network printer
UPS UPS 400VA for 10-minute operation
Main power (L,N,PE) with lightning and overvoltage protection
Equipment case for external communication units, power supplies and lightning protections
System software PARADOX 7 Runtime
INTERSOLVE DataDirect ODBC Pack for MS Windows 95 or Windows NT 3.01
Original software from EKTA REGIONAL CENTRE - the remote monitoring and control software of aids to navigation
FRONTEND - communication program
SÜNKRO - time synchronization program
LANSER PLUS - maintenance software

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