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Buoy Control System E603

We regret to inform you that this product is DISCONTINUED; please find our current products here

E603 is a set of equipment units enclosed within a hermetic case, and performing all functions
needed for the automated control of a floating buoy or other smaller light and for the communication
with the remote monitoring and control centre. Also the self-detecting of buoy drift and
synchronisation of flashing by the GPS signals can be performed. It is designed for the long-term
operation in field conditions but without direct contact with the sea water and ice. The case is
filled with nitrogen gas
System components
  • Flasher E862 
  • GPS locator E931
  • Communication controller E923 or E925
  • LED lantern (E846, E847, E848 or E849) or filament lamp lantern
  • Mobile phone antenna

The flasher, the GPS locator and the communication controller are connected by the internal local area network LAN

Setting up of the systems is accomplished using a service computer


  • Flashing control of the lantern
  • Data exchange with the remote monitoring and control centre
  • Daylight control of the flashing and immediate sending of the ON/OFF switching times to the monitoring and control centre and to the VTS
  • Synchronisation of flashing by the GPS signals with a given time delay
  • Buoy drift detection based on the GPS signals and sending of warning messages to the monitoring and control centre
  • Sending timing signals to the internal units, connected within  the LAN
  • Internal diagnostics of the system components, testing of the power supply voltages, and sending warning or emergency messages to the monitoring and control centre, if necessary
  • Remote setting up of the system from the monitoring and control centre
Input voltages 11 ... 20V, DC
Current consumption:
   during the  stand-by mode
   receiver of mobile phone ON
   transceiver of mobile phone ON
   in flash
E923                              E925
5mA (no flash)               1.5mA 
200mA (no flash)            50mA
1.6A (no flash)               250mA
0.3A (mobile phone stand-by)
Light intensity of LED lantern >15Cd
Vertical divergence 2q 1/10 >20
Colour of LED lantern red, green, white, amber
Filament lamp lantern 10.3V, 20W max., optionally 40-100W by special order
Local area network  Abus, 9600bps
Ambient air temperature -30C to +55C* (IEC 60068-2-1, 2, 14), mobile phone
communication garanteed by the temperatures above -20C 
Relative humidity  up to 98% at temperature+35C (IEC 60068-2-3)
Dimensions diameter 304mm, height 562mm (LED lantern),
621mm (filament lamp lantern)
Weight 11.8kg
             *) the temperature interval can be optionally extended
Layout and dimensions of the Buoy Control System E603

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