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E58XX LED Indicator Panel Applications

E58XX LED Indicator Panels utilize highly reliable solid state light signal sources from leading manufacturers to guarantee low running costs even in the applications where low power consumption is not the decisive requirement. Corrective maintenance costs are kept low since no relamping is required during usable lifetime of the product - a rather improbable failure of even several individual LED components has no critical effect on the light output. Therefore, non-scheduled equipment downtime due to lamp failure is practically eliminated for years. Light signals are safely communicated until material degradation gracefully reduces the intensity below acceptable level. Typically there is no need to install redundant units with switchover circuitry - redundancy is achieved internally.
Within the E58XX product family lifetime that already exceeds 15 years we have heared of very few failures, mainly attributed to excessive electrical or mechanical overstress beyond design limits. To our knowledge, the vast majority of thousands of units supplied since 2001 continue to perform daily in the challenging conditions of the heavy lifting equipment.

E5813.GYR.C6 LoadLite

LED Indicator Panel model E5813.GYR.C6 on a telescopic container spreader (driver side)


E5823.GRY.SC6 LoadLite

LED Indicator Panel model E5823.GRY.SC6 retrofitted on a quay crane container spreader

While these products allow you to forget about bulb failures and to concentrate on your core business, the environmental aspects should not be overlooked: compared to a 60W incandescent bulb, an E582X LED aspect saves over 600 kWh of energy during 5 years of use (calculated with estimated 6 hour daily operation). With first units fielded in 2001 still working, total number of failure free operational hours of this "fit-and-forget" product family is particularly remarkable considering their hostile daily working conditions. Any colour combination picked yields green results!

Green. Reliable. Safe. Green.

Spreader pictures above are courtesy of RAM SMAG Lifting Technologies (UK) Ltd, manufacturer of RAM Spreaders.

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