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LED Optical Units for Railway Crossing Warning Signals E530

Our engineering team has developed LED optical units for replacing the conventional incandescent lamps in red and white railway crossing warning signals to help the proper authorities to achieve improved railway crossing safety and reduced long-term maintenance costs.

While the power requirement of our LED modules enables five times lower power consumption at the similar optical output compared to traditional incandescent lamps, the maintenance costs will be further reduced due to the extended lifetime of the system. Expected usable service life of a LED light unit is ten to fifteen years, so forget the regular "bulb change"!


  • No "Phantom colour" effect (colored reflections from the intensive sunlight) - LED units are colorless by itself and provide red ight beam only when the power is applied to a unit. 
  • Compactness - each unit's circuitry is fully integrated into a transparent polycarbonate enclosure with a circular metal rear plate. The enclosure itself serves as a front lens. 
  • Universal connection polarity for DC applications (common "+" or "-") 


Flange diameter
329 mm
Lens diameter
311 mm
Height (thickness)
56 mm
Dominating wavelength (red signal)
630 nm
Luminous intensity
>200 cd
Light beam angular spread
Type M (EN 12368)
Power Supply voltages
12.0 to 15.0 VAC
12.6 to 15.4VDC
Power supply current
800 mA +/- 10%
Temperature range
from -40C to +65C
Enclosure protection class
Warranty period
2 years
Lifetime expectancy
over 10 years

E59 datasheet is available in in Adobe pdf format. If you need more information, including the information on prices and availability of our products, please do not hesitate to contact our marketing group.

Note: The manufacturer reserves the right to change this specification without prior notice.

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