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   E316 Electrometer Amplifier Specifications

E316 Electrometer Amplifier 
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Technical Data
Measurement Range0.1 pA to 19.999 μA, divided into 5 ranges:
1nA; 10nA; 100nA; 1μA; 10μA
Uncertainty of the Current/Voltage conversion 0.5% of full scale through all ranges, excluding noise and offsets
Front panel digital display 4.5 digits
Output Voltage of the converter Between 2 V, corresponding to the full scale value of the range selected for current measurement
Input Resistance of the Converter < 100 Ohm;
Maximum non-destructive input current 10 mA
Maximum input noise current < 0.2 pA peak-to-peak (input open)
Resistance of the analogue output 1 kOhm; the output is short-circuit-proof for unlimited time
Temperature drift of the input offset current < typically, at 10μA range is 0.1nA/°C (input open)
Extent of input offset current compensation 10 pA
Drift of the input offset current < 1 pA by temperature rise from 25 deg.C to 35 deg.C
Extent of residual input current compensation 10 pA
Temperature dependance of the residual input current The residual input current doubles with every 10 degrees C of temperature rise
Time drift of the residual input current < 1 pA during 8 hours after power-on
Maximum capacitance of the input circuit (current sensor) 4000 pF
Conversion time 0.1 s with sensor capacitance below 100 pF (0,2 s at 1nA range)
Digital display conversion rate 2 readings/second
Power optionsMains 220 VAC 50 Hz,
the internal led-acid (Pb) battery provides up to 20 hours of operation in autonomous mode; the battery is recharged automatically during 20 hours of operation from the mains power
Mains power consumption< 5 VA
Size260 x 100 x 250 mm
Weight3 kg
Digital InterfaceOptional; implementation of the serial communications interface is currently underway

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