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Universal Measurement Module E304

Universal measurement module E304 is a microprocessor and A/D converters based unit for digital measurement and storing of analogue voltage, current, resistance and temperature. It can be used for telemetric purposes in harsh environmental conditions like those in lighthouses and other aids to navigation
E304 consists of:
  • one or two 16-bit 4-channel A/D converters ISM-110/111 (E304 and E304.1 accordingly)
  • clock/calendar
  • microprocessor 
  • 8-bit A/D converter
  • RS485-based A-BUS and PROFIBUS for data exchange and diagnostics 

  • periodical measurement of ISM-110 analogue input signals IN1IN4 and recording of digital   measurement data.The period is to be specified by the customer (from 1 min up to 4 hours)
  • scheduled switching ON of the converter(s) ISM-110 for 510sec for performing measurements and filtering of measured values
  •  recording of last 1024 measured values from each ISM-110/111 input channel
  • daily calculating of minimum, average, and maximum values for each ISM-110 input signal over last 9 days
  • periodical measurement of analogue input signals AN3, AN5,AN6, AN7 with 1-minute period andrecording of last measured values (E304 only)
  • sending emergency messages over A-BUS in case of lowering of the voltage on ISM-110 below the emergency level
  • elaboration and storing of statistical data about the quality of communications in A-BUS local area network and PROFIBUS


Input voltage 11... 20V DC
Current consumption
in stand-by mode
in measuring mode

1.5W (E304); 3W max (E304.1)
Programmable measurement range of analogue input signals on IN1IN4
with resolution
up to 10V max.
up to 25mA max.
up to 20 kW max.
from -200C  to +800C
16 bits
Voltage range on analogue inputs AN3, AN5, AN6, AN7,
with resolution

8 bits
Stability of the built-in clock 50ppm
Data rate on the A-BUS 9600bps 
Ambient air temperature from -20C to +60C (IEC 60068-2-1,2,14)
Relative humidity max. 98%, at the temperature +35C (IEC 60068-2-3)
Dimensions 130x127x206mm
Weight  1,8kg

Layout and dimensions of the Universal Measurement Module E304

Download the E304 catalogue page in Adobe pdf format

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