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Battery Charger E1401

We regret to inform you that this product is DISCONTINUED; please find our current products here

The energy supply systems of navigation aids have to function reliably during long time without
any maintenance. When using alternative energy sources - solar panels and wind generators -,
a challenge arises: to keep the batteries as full as possible while not  overcharge them.
Overcharging leads to  boiling out of the electrolyt and thus, to the damage of the batteries.
Therefore, EKTA has taken special efforts to find out the most efficient methods of charging
the batteries and, as a result, the battery charger E1401 has been developed


  • Charging of 12V NiCd and/or Pb batteries. Charging current up to 16A
  •  Using of solar panels (e.g. LA K51) and/or wind generators (e.g. Windside) as energy sources
  •   Automatic control of charging current, depending on the environmental temperature and the charge rate of the battery
  •   Protection of the batteries against overcharging and overloads
  •   Protection of the power supply system against the lightning discharges and other noisesby dedicated input filters (optional)
  •   Hermetic design, the case filled with the nitrogen gas
Battery nominal voltage 12V
Battery types NiCd, Pb
Energy source 1 solar panels, e.g. LA361 K51
Energy source 2 wind generator, e.g. WINDSIDE W 0,3
Total input current max 16A
Maximum load current from
the batteries
Charging final voltage
of NiCa batteries
 14.6V, at the t=20C to be set with external resistor
Charging final voltage of Pb
 13.6V at the t=20C, to be set with external resistor
Inputs 4 inputs from solar panels 4x4A, 1 input from wind
Outputs 1 output to the battery, 1 output to the basic load, 3
outputs to the setting resistors, 5 measurement
outputs, 1 output to the thermoresistor
Ambient air temperature*  from -30C to +55C* (IEC 60068-2-1, 2, 14)
Relative humidity up to 98% at temperature +35C (IEC 60068-2-3)
Dimensions 210x70x180mm
Weight: 2.2kg
                    (*) the temperature range can be optionally extended

Layout and dimensions of the Battery Charger E1401

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