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Local Area Network on A-BUS

When designing a modern control and monitoring systems of aids to navigation, the modularity and openness of the system are the most important features for many customers. This means that any system could be changed by adding or taking away of equipment units without changing the whole system. It allows also building up a system gradually, step-by step in accordance with the financial and technical resources of a customer.

The modularity and openness of EKTA’s systems are achieved by designing the system as consisting of standard (commercial off-the-shelf, COTS) hardware and software modules which can be combined in different modifications for different systems. To connect the modules together at the lights level, there is the local area RS-485 twisted pair network, or A-BUS. This multi-master network accommodates up to 24 nodes (equipment units) in any combination.
Sending  messages to other nodes and receiving messages from other nodes reflecting the current state of a node (power supply voltage under the load and standby, current consumption, statistics, logical state etc.)

Exchange messages with the remote control and monitoring centre through communication controller

Issueing commands to other nodes:

light ON/OFF status
lamp ON/OFF status
switch to next lamp status
synchronization of flashing
controller test
start Diesel Generator engine
stop Diesel Generator engine
clock synchronization
time synchronization

Exchanging information with other nodes

read working statistics 
get identification information
clear error status
get device status
write new flashing pattern
get measurement results


Physical standard of the network RS-485
Transmitter signal voltage between
"+DAT" and "-DAT"
  by sending logical "1"
  by  sending logical "0" 


+1.5 to 5V
- 1.5 to 5V

Receiver signal voltage between
"+DAT" and "-DAT"
  by  receiving logical "1"
  by receiving logical "0" 


+0.2 to +7V
-0.2 to -7V

Input resistance of the receiver >12kW
Total summary load of the network >54kW
Communication media twisted pair or shielded twisted pair, recommended type 24AWG  (0.2mm²)
with line impedance 100 to 300W
Length of the line up to 1.2km, when the length exceeds 50m then using 120W  terminal resistors at both end is recommended
Number of network nodes up to 24
Data rate 9600bps
Data format start bit, 8 data bits, marker bit, 1 or more stop bits
Addressing individual or group

Download the A-BUS catalogue page in Adobe pdf format

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